Our Mission

The Coalition of Community Assistance Volunteers, Inc. (CCAV) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was created in 2002 to help low income working families throughout the South Plains become more financially self-sufficient.  To accomplish this goal, CCAV takes a multi-faceted approach which includes:

CCAV provides FREE income tax preparation and e-filing services through its Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.  Volunteers are trained by CCAV and the IRS in order to prepare income tax returns according to IRS guidelines.  This enables income-eligible persons to receive every penny of the refunds to which they are legally entitled.

CCAV partners with other local non-profit organizations to provide financial literacy workshops which educate tax refund recipients about investing - rather than simply spending - their money in ways that will help them become more financially self-sufficient.

CCAV partners with the Low Income Tax Clinic conducted by Texas Tech University's School of Law.  The Tax Clinic assists income eligible persons with issues such as obtaining tax credits and/or refunds to which they are entitled, but which others have received by inappropriately claiming their children as dependents, etc.

Our History

Since 2002, CCAV volunteers have prepared more than 30,000 income tax returns for income-eligible families resulting in refunds totaling more than $36 million. Assuming each family would have paid $150 in preparation, e-filing and/or "rapid refund" loan fees, they saved (and were able to spend in their local communities) an additional $4.5 million.

During the most recent tax season, CCAV assisted 3,277 families of limited wealth working in Lubbock and surrounding communities. The following is a profile of the average family assisted by its 71 volunteers:

1.6 people family size
44 age of primary taxpayer
$1,383 gross monthly income (40 hours/week at $7.92/hour)
$1,790 income tax refund

Based on average costs for housing, utility, food and transportation, these families have less than $100 remaining each month to cover all other expenses.

CCAV Board Members CCAV Advisory Members
Randy Laycock, President
Josh Laird, Vice-President
Elma Moreno, Secretary
Debra Hedgcoth, Treasurer
Roger Cardenas
Walt Hanel
Sandra Huston, Ph.D.
Ken Patterson
Janis Putteet

 Carmen Vige
Steve Anderson
Sherolyn Castleman
Cory Beth Davis
Tom Head
Joe Marnell
Nancy Mojica
Meredith Nieto
Robert Ricketts, Ph.D
Levi Siebenlist
Maria Bustamante, IRS
Ricardo Soto, IRS